Dr. Sandone-Barr

    Are you reasonably successful, yet you know you have the potential to be so much more? Do you want your relationships to bring you more satisfaction and your career more success? Do you want to work hard and learn how to play hard, too? You may be hampered from reaching your goals for many reasons: anxiety, depression or because you have never learned how to take those final steps to reach your potential.

  Dr. Angela Sandone-Barr can help you reach these goals. She is a certified psychoanalyst who has been in clinical practice for almost 30 years, accruing close to forty thousand hours of clinical experience. With this experience has come a vast understanding about what it is to be human and the wisdom to help you handle any challenges that stand in your way. Her specialty is Modern Psychoanalysis, a branch of psychoanalysis that treats the full-spectrum of psychological and emotional problems. Her therapeutic approach is beneficial for both long and short-term therapy. She has extensive experience working with people who are troubled by symptoms and problems that interfere with having a fulfilling life. As her clients’ treatments progress they find they become less controlled by debilitating feelings and symptoms, which allows for increased fulfillment in their ability to love, work and play.

  Dr. Sandone-Barr is a dynamic individual whose warmth and compassion create a therapeutic environment that is welcoming and non-threatening. Her approach is pragmatic: she is realistic and down-to-earth, but recognizing of the fact that change can be scary. She “meets the client where they are,” allowing each individual to work at a pace that is their most comfortable. Her clients learn to rely more on their inner strengths and, if interested, less on medicine.


Wise Words

"“Every journey begins with the first step.” "

- Lao Tsu

Success Therapy

Are you established and successful in your career, but it hasn't brought you the satisfaction that you had expected it would; you are left still wanting something more. You don't understand why reaching this goal hasn't proven to be as gratifying as you expected it to be. Come and talk with others who share these same feelings of vague dissatisfaction after reaching a major career (or lifestyle) goal, to see if you can figure out what it is you are missing and what it is you want more of in your life.

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